I want to share this knowledge of Vedanta as I learned something from my spiritual guru st Nikka Singh ji. so I will try a blog on this subject which is very important for the seeker of

I lived some years with st. Nikka Sing ji. he was a holy saint from Nirmal tradition. This tradition comes from the Sikh line. the last Guru Gobind Singh ji was the founder of Nirmal tradition. in his life when Guru Gobind Singh was raising an army against mogul empire. because of that time . King Arungjab was very cruel and he was killing to Hindus in India because wanted to change their religion from Hindu to Muslim. this is the reason for the sacrifice of Guru Teg bahadur. that time after the sacrifice of Guru Teg Bahadar.  Tenth Guru Gobind Singh started to rais an army and he wants to make intellectual people for teaching spiritual ideas of Guruvani and Vadas. so he sent five Sikh followers to Benaras for learning of holy books so that training weapons and Vadas can go side by side.

ST Nikka Singh ji was from this line .it is called, ‘ Nirmal panth’  meaning the Nirmal line. from the Nirmal line there were so many saints comes. my reason of writing this blog is that in these days the real meaning of Bhagti and meditation has lost because people have become so many materialistic  , they can not think of such a mysterious knowledge that leads to the human mind in eternal peace. the very demond of our mind is peace.


Liberation is now.

If we wants to know what is meditation or what is the secret of life, which is bliss, or ecstasy , it is not for away at any holy place or in any scripture, it lies in your heart, but just we have to look at our minds. if we do practice of this and know the art of observation, then we can be able to do so. because it is not finding it is already there, we have to change our focus of consciousness. often our consciousness remains at worldly objects. we can see tree, a flower, face of our dear friend, or these things remains in our minds. a car, a house, bank balance, son, wife etc. but when we turn our consciousness inward , or we starts to look inside , we close our eyes and observe the working of our mind than it starts to delete. and when we do this , our thoughts tarts to minimize, and repeating this , to trace every root of our thoughts, we will be able to get that eternal peace. this is real meditation. in working time when we will be aware of our mind, then we can find that peace midst of our working also , but in starting it should be in sitting, in starting it should be done when mind is fresh like in the morning, calm atmosphere also helps us for this. so I think it is a ancient science which provide us eternal bliss. This bliss is our origin, we can not satisfy without knowing this. Guru Nanak said, ‘ who wins the mind, he wins the world.’ it is very write, so many kings, dictators, wanted to win the world but all in a vain. they killed so many people, kids, destroyed the houses, but in last they went empty handed from here. Alexander the great was also victim of this disease,  but after winning half of his plan he died in India. and history tells that he ordered his ministers when you take me for  grave yard my hands should be out of the coffin  so that people can see that Alexander the great is going empty handed. you can not count bloody wars which had happened till now. kings of the kings can not rule over there mind ,that is way they starts this madness. but who win there mind like Jesus, Guru Nanak, we worship for them because they distribute love and peace. so who important is to rule over our mind. and by winning our mind we finds an eternal peace for which every Prophet, saint, is indicating us. so the experience of bliss is such profound, calm, sweet, that we can not explain it verbally,  Kabir said, it is like this as a person who can not speak eats sweets but it gives only body signs but can not speak it. because it is not matter of the language. that is the problem of saints. in last after enlightenment  every saint has the same experience. you will be astonish to see Johns message to Corinthians 6: 1-13, 7: 2-4. what he wrote as his advise to then this is what Buddha used to advise his followers. because the experience is the same. he sais,’ See , now is acceptable time; now is the day of salvation!’. that every saint says even he may be lama or Hindu, that salvation has no past and future and no time and space.

If any time you slept well at the day time, and when you awake every thing out side becomes more beautiful, your kids, wife, trees, what happens, mind goes to rest not thinking and due to stillness of mind out side becomes beautiful. so like this when we goes in Samadhi our mind do rest there and out side everything becomes so calm, profound,  and calm. so if one time you touch that bliss then you will be able to know this. some people say they have no time for meditation as Kathy said, but we have time for fighting, quarrels, but no have time for mantel peace. and if we do meditation we can do our work more happily, calmness, profoundness. because  than we have much energy. I heard that a man from U.K. was not believer in God. but some time he went to India, he saw people there not working, but sitting gossiping, some body goes to temples, Churches, but they are living very well, he wrote that I was wrong there should be God. because they are not doing anything but living well and every time praying to God so I think he should be anywhere.

Time of the meditation should when our mind is fresh, in morning, or after body exercise, dance, running, yoga, ext. then we can pick that thread easily. when our mind is at rest by music or any other environments, but it is needed in starting after some achievement it will be very easy even midst of the work. It was my speech in class yesterday 8-26-2014.




About Psalm 139: 1-12, 23-24.

It is what I am writing is summary of what I described in my meditation class;

My Guru ST nikka singh ji  used to explain us when I was studying Gita in 1982. he was a real teacher who know the truth of life. he never touched money whole of his life . then he was about 96 of age.

he used to repeat according the knowledge of Bhagwad Gita Chapter 13.  ‘ you are not body, you are not mind, you are not sense organs, you are observer. who watches to your mind, body, you are that. when you think some thing observer remains before your thought. he never born never dies. you think that you are body that is the whole problem. when you go inward , your mind goes and which remains that bliss that you are.

Now I comes on Psalm 139: 1-12, 23-24.

O lord ,you have searched me and know me. you know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from far away.

comment; the same thing , that observer in us knows to every action, when we sit and when we rise up. you have fell it that some thing in us watches our thoughts, you say first I wants to go there but now I wants to go an other side. so meaning of this mind is changeable but watcher is not changeable. and one thing more when Psalm 139 says ,” O lord ,you have searched me and know me” every saint speaks like this which ever he may be from any realign of the world, that he tried his best but he was not able to do this and when lord wanted him, the he searched me, this is real grace. I was not able to do this but by his grace I became eligible to find him. because what I did it was very little.

3 ; you search out my path, and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways.

4; Even before a word is on my tongue ,o lord you know it completely.( that was my Guru used to say there is something who is before when thought arises.).

5; you hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me .

6; such knowledge is so wonderful for me ;it is so high that I can not attain it.

you can see the beauty of it ,when you start to observe your thoughts they starts to minimize and eternal bliss remains there. this is what is real meditation. then you will be able to find a new life. so he said,” such knowledge I so wonderful for me; it is so high that I can not attain it. ” but if we can do it in the right way it leads us toward Immorality  in this life.

7; where can I go from your spirit? or where can I flee from your presence?

8 ; If I ascend to heaven, you will be there, if I make my bed in sheol, ( under earth)    you will be there.

9 If I take the wings of the morning and settle at the farthest limits of the sea.

10; Even there your hand shell lead me, and your right hand shall hold me fast.

11; If you say ,” Surely darkness shall cover me, and light around me become night.”

12; Even the darkness is not dark to you. the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light to you.

23; Search me ,O God and know my heart,; test me and know my thoughts.

24; see if there is any wicked way in me , and lead me in the way everlasting.

comment; when we stat to observing our thoughts, what we find there ? we were aware of our wicked ways. Krishanamurti used to say,’ If you watch your frustration ,disorder out of that comes order, this is saint indicating us.



Difference between a saints teaching and a lecturer.

                    There is difference between a saints teaching and a lecturer. the teaching of a saint comes from by knowing from within, when the teaching of a lecturer or philosopher comes from outside by books or by the knowledge of traditions or universities meaning his knowledge not comes from his real life. he may be shedding light on  anger, on lust, on sex. but he will be same like us. because he has not comes face to face with bliss , or self realization.

                                                                                        T here is a story of Ramakrishana  Parmahansa. he was the spiritual teacher of swami Vivekananda. he was very simple man. in fact real saints or Prophets often are very simple beings. so you know when there is honey bees will go there, some people from Calcutta started to reach there. there was a very famous spiritual lecturer Kesevchandra . he was very highly educated on the subjects of Vedas. so he was not happy that some people goes there. his followers advised him you have to debate with Ramakrishana  on Vedas. he does not know about scriptures ,if you will go there than he is going to loose and people will leave to go there. he agreed and his follower went there and asked Ramakrishana for spiritual debate. he was sitting alone he was a simple man he agreed and gave the date. now Ramkrishanas followers were very upset because they knows what reason was behind this. they said to Ramakrishana it is not good for us. but he said I will see such a great Scholar by this.

                                                                       when that date came he was very happy that I will see him. so many time he go to up stairs that when will he come. at least he came ,his followers were with him. so he asked a question from Vedas Ramkrishana did not gave any answer but starts to bow the god, sometime he stand and sometime comes down he was so happy ,tears were coming from his eyes. then Keshevchandra said ,” if you do not know then you should commit your defeat and I will go.” Ramkrishana said to day I saw a miracle of God that is why I am doing like this. he said tell me what you has seen. than Ramkrishana told that I saw a man is asking me a question ,and he does not know about any thing about his question. these words came upon him like storm which touched his soul that it is fact that I do not know about this question. I am teaching the so many gatherings. I can impress the people, no doubt I am very famous, people has regard for me, but just I am empty from within, I no nothing about this and he touched his feet and became his follower. he left his lecturing and lived there rest of his life.he thought a real saint has found and I should learn from him, what Is the use of this false fame.