Need to practice

Your effort is meant not to allow yourself to be distracted by other thoughts.—–Maharishi Ramana

Comments; All practices of meditation are a process of minimizing thoughts. For the experience of bliss or Sunieta comes in the absence of thoughts. When Buddhist said about the nothingness means absence of thoughts.

  1. If your practice is of Vippassana (Observation), by observing thoughts your mind becomes slow down. When mind still whole world stills. And it leads towards the experience of bliss which you are.
  2. Name- Japa, in this practice saints gave you a sacred word, word passes from four stages as
  3. Bakhri; meaning repetition of Sacred word by tongue. Meaning from outer.
    1. Madhama After practicing one or two years, it starts to become mentally. You have reached in deep within and it is peaceful. But now your interest starts to increase automatically because it is a very peaceful experience. It is called madhama meant in the centre.
  4. Pahsayatii (Observation) now sacred word is going without effort and you are Observing this happing. It is a divine experience of bliss which nobody can explain it. Only we can say it is cool, blissful, peaceful but we cannot explain its beauty because it is beyond the limits of our language.
  5. Para (beyond human mind or infinity) now we can say as our Saints has explained it, they said; As the stream emerges in an ocean. You are one with Buddha nature.
  6. Now you have seen that by any method we have to slow down our thoughts. And one also starts to wind up his worldly net of so many lust, greed, activities of the world. It is like a fisherman who starts to wind up his net in the evening.


Holding on the reality is Samadhi.

Holding to Samadhi with effort is Savikaipal Samadhi.

Merging in reality and remaining unaware of the world is Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Merging unconsciously and remaining unaware of the world is Sleep.

Remaining in the primal ,pure,natural state without effort is Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi.— Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; First of all I want to explain it that we can not explain in language to Samadhi. Saints give us ideas how to reach this stage, it is our natural state . but we can not find it due to interference of our mind. our mind is like a grinding machine. it never becomes silente . in deep sleep it comes to stop and we feel happiness there. if by any method sometime mind becomes silent , in that moment we feels glimpse of bliss or we can say moments of Samadhi. so as Maharishi indicates us;

  1. Holding on to reality is Samadhi ; meaning when our mind goes inward by practice and merges in the self this is Samadhi.
  2. Holding to Samadhi with effort is Saviklpa Samadhi; when our practice is going and we come face to face with bliss but there is also thoughts exists vey lightly like background music. this is Savikalpa Samadhi.
  3. Merging unconsciously and remaining unaware of the world is sleep.
  4. Remaining in the primal ,pure ,natural state without effort is Sahaja nirvikalpa no need to do practice ,meaning that you have reached to your destination.



The merging of the mind and breath is ‘ Dhyana ‘ ( Mediation) and it leads to the natural state when it becomes deep and firm.—–Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; I have been doing this practice for 35 years. I mostly gave an example of Maharishi Ramana because he was a great saint of this age. And my Guru, Saint Nikka Singh ji also advised same things. Truth is one and every saint who has realized the self gives same ideas. There should be difference of words, language, but teaching is the same. But it is not a matter of study of so many holy books. It is a matter of experience of bliss.

As saints define it, they said that mind and breath come from the same source of life. What is Dhyana? When from practice mind emerge in the self it is called dhyana or meditation. And when Dhyana becomes deep and firm it leads to the natural state.

Our natural state is bliss and we want to go there. this is not our real state that is why we never satisfy. we want to go there. As a wave of an ocean twisted and when it emerges in an ocean it becomes one with it, same thing when our mind emerges in the self, then it is satisfying. It is not to find a new thing, but only self – realization. Which already you are! And when mind wandering outside it takes misery. Our saints gave an example of deep sleep, in deep sleep our mind rest in the self and it enjoys there. But there is darkness of illusion. But in Samadhi mind also emerge in the self, but it knows in awakening. There is not the darkness of illusion. Another person can explain it, but you have to understand from your own experience.



The marks of Sadguru (real teacher) are steady abiding in the self. Looking at all with equal eye, unshakeable courage at all times, in all places and circumstances.—– Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; Maharishi Ramana is telling us that real teacher (Sadguru). Who is Sadguru? He tells about it. He can recognize by these marks.

  1. He remains everytime in self-abidance meaning in Samadhi.
  2. He looks everybody with equal eye. Not like that he is Hindu, or Muslim or Sikh, meaning not difference of greed or race.Because he has got experience of union, how he can be divided people.
  3. He is fearless all time, his mind has emerged in the self now there is no fear has left, in all places and in all circumstances.


The inquiry into the self, is inclusive of faith, devotion, Jnana,yoga and all.—- Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; In these words meaning of Maharishi is that self-inquiry has already a fruit of faith, devotion.Jnana, yoga. Because the purpose of these things was to achieve self-realization. And I can say without any doubt it is absolutely right. Our purpose is to find eternal peace which is already there, but we do not believe in ourself. By self inquiry or Vippassana we remove our thoughts and in result we find bliss which was already there. So, according to my experience by these methods, we only minimize our thoughts and as you know if there are clouds in the sky we cannot see the blue sky. But in the absence of clouds we are able to look blue sky.Likewise by self-inquiry (meditation) we remove our thoughts and find bliss in result of it. This stage we say Samadhi.


What is ’I’? Nirvana.

What is ’I.’ or ’who am I.’ is the same thing. As I will give the example of Maharishi Ramana.

The body doesn’t say.’ I.’ nobody says ’I.’ did not exist in a deep sleep.

When ’I.’ rises all rises’ find out with keen intellect, whence this.’ I’?—Maharishi Ramana.

This is the method of the, Self -inquiry. Or we can say deep meditation. According to the knowledge of Vedanta Guru teach you that you are not body and mind. It is true, but we don’t believe in it. But real Saint memorises to you again and again. By his instructions and by the study of scriptures, when you understand this theory, then he will instruct you to do mediation, which means Observation of mind. And according to your practice and Grace one day, you find that bliss in your heart. This is self-realisation or understanding who am I? this is also Nirvana or liberation.



Question no 4; Wen will the realization of the self be gained ?

Answer; When the world which is What-is -seen has been removed, there will be realization of the self which is the seer. — Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; These questions and answers are a little set of questions and answers in a little book named ‘ who am I ‘? These questions and answers were asked from Sri Pilli to Maharishi Ramana in the year 1902. Maharishi Ramana was in a Virupakash cave in silence. He mostly was living in Samadhi in those days. Sri pile was a graduate and was employed in Revenue department. He met Maharishi Ramana on his official tour. He struck to look him and asked these questions.Maharishi was in Silence and answers were given in writing. This is 4th question.

Answer; Maharish Wrote that when the world, meaning our thoughts of the world will be removed by self-inquiry which is observing mind, then you will be able to find the taste of bliss.

Now, as I know about it with my own experience. In doing this practice for 35 years. And experience of this is such beautiful, calm I write only for this that anybody else can take advantage of this. Our thoughts are obstacles in this experience. we can not show anything which is seen. We only suggest to anybody that you are God gifted in your heart for this. My Guru used to give an example of deep sleep. In deep sleep we have no money, car. Fame, sex, but we have experience of calmness.In meditation we find that calmness while awakening. As we cannot go into deep sleep when there are thoughts in our mind like this we have to remove our thoughts for Samadhi. This is the reason yogis holy Saints go on retreat. They have not too much demand. our Kamna Vasnnas becomes a barrier in meditation. One thing take in mind that which thing you got by without demanding that is grace and what a thing to take by demanding that is Bagging. Because our more wants becomes more thoughts and we have to do more practice for removing these thoughts.


Problems and solutions

There is consciousness alone with quietness in the mind. This is precisely the state to be aimed at. The word ’diving.’ is appropriate if one has to turn the mind within to avoid being distracted by outgoing tendencies of the mind. But when deep quietness prevails without obstruction the consciousness, where is need to dive?—Maharishi Ramana.

Comment; for a man who is advanced in the practice of meditation, it’s straightforward to understand. When the mind is going outside in worldly affairs, we have to work on it, to come inside. Because in inwardness, we find the experience of bliss. But when it enjoys the joy continually, then there’s no need to practice. M


Ultimate truth.

Today while meditating in the morning, a thought suddenly came in my mind. That Vedanta, my Guru St Nikka Singh, maharishi Ramana, have repeated again and again Confirm it that you are not the body, my Guru while teaching us Bhagavad Gita used to say confirm It. 13th Chapter of Bhagwad Gita is on this subject.

Today, I think deeply about this: first thing, when we say, my land, my car, my son, my wife, my property we then believe to the body as.’ I’. But where from we got it? We didn’t send the application to God, that I want to born in human form! And if it is my body then.’ who am I’?. Only find this.’ I.’ then nothing to do more. This is real advice of Wise, Saints of. India.


Mind control.

The mind also gets controlled by repetition of sacred syllables (sacred mantras). Then the syllables, the mind, and breath become one. —–Maharishi Ramana.

Maharishi Ramana sheds light on the importance of Japa mantras. No doubt the method of self-realization has given by maharishi. But there are so many people in the world of different kinds. They take birth with different qualities. Characters, everybody has a different nature. So they want different method of stillness mind. Because we have to only still our mind, then our real nature bliss comes automatically.

One thing we have to understand that our very nature is sat-chit -anannda. We do not need to find it, it is already there. It is not a thing which we have to find!, it’s you! That is why we said, ‘self-realization’. We only have to remove our thoughts! Our thoughts are like clouds on the blue sky.

I am doing both methods as my Guru suggested me. By both methods I can enjoy the bliss (sat-chit- Ananda). By self-inquiry we have to look directly on mind without giving any ideas, because any type of thinking becomes an obstacle. Any type of thinking like our dreams, ideas, knowledge of books, traditions, religions, schools, universities becomes an obstacle in self-inquiry. Bliss comes in an empty mind.

The second method as Maharishi said, repetition of sacred mantras also does the same thing. In this method we have to focus on Japan (mantra). Of too much practice mind and the mantra becomes one and the result of it is bliss. As Indian Saints define it; mantra or sacred word passes from four stages as;

  1. Bachari ( japa by tounge ). When Japan we do with tongue and focus on the sacred word, it will take time of two, three years according to the maturity of the seeker.
  2. Maduma ( mentally japan). Here japan becomes very subtle and interesting. Because beauty comes from inside. In summer season if you come near a fountain, then cool breeze comes to you, it’s like that. Naturally, you will do more and more. After two or three years third stage starts.
  3. Pasheunti.( Observation). It’s a very higher stage, you come face to face with bliss sometimes but not permanently. In practice you feel bliss meanwhile practice. But now you know that there is something beyond human limits, it’s divine. I have experienced this stage, but holy Saints told if you devote more time you can go beyond this .
  4. Para (beyond human misery. ). This stage is called Nirvana or Liberation. Every time you remain in bliss. Now you are free, not need to come in births. You are one with absolute truth. As the stream dissolves in an ocean.
  5. NOTE; the main thing is our wants, as we say according to Vadic language , our Kamanas and vashnas. (Wants of any kind). Becomes obstacles in it. Because this process is of the stillness of mind and our wants goes further and further from us. But it does not matter when you practice these methods you demands also fulfilled, but you find that without demanding you have everything which you need, you also understand that by demanding I cannot do proper this method. Then you will find my practice is also fruit itself.