These Questions were asked by Sri Sivaprakasam Pilli, about the year of 1902 to Maharishi Ramana. Sri pill was a graduate in philosophy. He was employed in the revenue department that time. During his official visit he went to Virupakasa Cave and met Maharishi Ramana, which was in Silence that time, and answers were given in writing.

Question no; 10. What is the nature of mind?

Answer by M.R; What is called Mind is a wondrous power residing in the Self. It causes all thoughts to arise.Apart from thoughts,there is no such thing as mind. Therefore thought is the nature of mind, Apart from thoughts, there is no independent entity called the world. In deep sleep there are no thoughts, and there is no world. In the states of waking and dream, there are thoughts, and there is a world also.Just as the spider emits the thread of the web out of itself and again withdraws it itself, likewise the mind projects the world out of itself and again resolves it into itself. When the mind comes out of the Self, the world appears.Therefore, when the world appears (to be real) the Self does not appear; and when the Self appears (shines) the world does not appear. When one persistently inquires into the nature of the mind, the mind will end, leaving the Self (as the residue). What is referred to as the Self is the Atman.The mind always exists only in dependence on something gross; It cannot stay alone. It is the mind that is called the subtle body or the soul (Jiva).

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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