Guru ‘s Grace.

It is like the elephant which wakes up on seeing a lion in its dream. Even as an elephant wakes up at the mere sight of the lion. So is too certain that the disciple wakes up from the deep sleep of ignorance into wakefulness of true knowledge through the guru’s benevolent look of grace.—Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; It is right a holy Saint can do this. As in my case, my Guru St Nikka Sing was a great Saint. I lived with him sometime in my life. I mostly used to go early in the morning to study Bhagvada Gita. We were four, five disciples .One day he said to me that after this class you should come in my room. When everybody was gone, I came back . He said take Bhagvad Gita and read fourteen chapters. I was reading Slokas one by one and he was explaining them. This chapter is about the combination of matter and spirit in a human body. And in 19 teen Solaka it has been defined that when one becomes a witness of the mind, then he will be able to find me (self).

Then my Guru said to me,” Use to look on your mind and you will go straight”. It was January of 1981. He died in 1983. And I forgot his words. This came in my mind in 1986. I started to practice “witnessing” after a dance for exercise. I used to sit for some time it may be one or two hours ‘Observing” my mind. One day I find a new experience of bliss. This was transformation of life as a new dawn started in my life. We cannot explain it in language. It is just like a dew drop fresh life. This is also called eternal life.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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