Mind control

It is one question by the devotee and the answer had given by the Maharishi Ramana in 1936.

Devotee; How can I control the mind?

Maharishi Ramana; There is no need to control the mind if the self is realized. The self shines forth when the mind vanishes. In the realized man the mind may be active or inactive, the self alone exists. From, the mind, the body and the world are not separate from the self; and they can not remain apart from the self. Can they be other than the self? When aware of the self why should one worry about these shadows? How do they affect the self.

Comments; Problem is that here question had asked by a devotee who had not yet realized the self and Maharishi Ramana had an experience of Samadhi. Who has experience of bliss? In this case I will suggest we should work hard on meditation. And when anybody finds this experience of this the world, the mind, the body will be like a shadow. Everything will be heaven for him, including body mind also. Practice of observation will lead to self and if we find this experience, we will work more and more because we can not find calmness, peace like this. Our goal of life is to find this eternal peace. That is why our real search is for peace. This is our real nature. When river merges in the ocean, then it will satisfy otherwise it will carry on its journey. Like this we cannot satisfy without eternal peace.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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