My ideas about Vadanta.

As I understand about this It is a very important to understand about this subject. ideas has given in Vadas, Gurubani, Buddhisum about it. so it is a vast subject. this is only approach is to tell disiples by riches this secret of life. I will write slowly, slowly to this as understand. so you can take help what I want to say. our Saints wants to tell us what experince they got. I want to write it in the name of ,’ My ideas about Vadanta’. as a series of my ideas.

My Guru ST Nikka Singh JI was a great Saint from line of Nirmal traditation. The founder of this Nirmal tradition was Sri Guru Gobind Singh so many beautiful examples in Gurubani it has define. by Bahgwad Gita also it is defined. it is a vast subject so it will take time to understand. I want to give examples from Guruvani, Vadas and I will give my experince for it. as I understand our Saints first teach theory of it and when they find that disiple is ready to work on it then they say to do Nam japa or medition. I want to teach this knowledge as I learned from my Guru.

Note; This is the Knowledge of Self-realization, or Nirvana or liberation. So I will give my ideas and will told you where from I got it and what is the experince of my meditation. I will write some ideas of Bhagwad Gita, Guruvani, and teaching of Vadanta by my Guru by any other Saint or by Maharishi Ramana. and what i did and what is I am doing my experince of Samadhi. This is a series of Posts which I will write on this subject. my problem is when I feels the beauty of life then I sometimes I want to share it with somebody else. if we have a hidden tersure in our hearts why should we not work on it. so please read it send me message I will try my best to tell you. I only want that your life can become like dew drop, a new dawn is wating for you.thanks very much.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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