Need to practice

Your effort is meant not to allow yourself to be distracted by other thoughts.—–Maharishi Ramana

Comments; All practices of meditation are a process of minimizing thoughts. For the experience of bliss or Sunieta comes in the absence of thoughts. When Buddhist said about the nothingness means absence of thoughts.

  1. If your practice is of Vippassana (Observation), by observing thoughts your mind becomes slow down. When mind still whole world stills. And it leads towards the experience of bliss which you are.
  2. Name- Japa, in this practice saints gave you a sacred word, word passes from four stages as
  3. Bakhri; meaning repetition of Sacred word by tongue. Meaning from outer.
    1. Madhama After practicing one or two years, it starts to become mentally. You have reached in deep within and it is peaceful. But now your interest starts to increase automatically because it is a very peaceful experience. It is called madhama meant in the centre.
  4. Pahsayatii (Observation) now sacred word is going without effort and you are Observing this happing. It is a divine experience of bliss which nobody can explain it. Only we can say it is cool, blissful, peaceful but we cannot explain its beauty because it is beyond the limits of our language.
  5. Para (beyond human mind or infinity) now we can say as our Saints has explained it, they said; As the stream emerges in an ocean. You are one with Buddha nature.
  6. Now you have seen that by any method we have to slow down our thoughts. And one also starts to wind up his worldly net of so many lust, greed, activities of the world. It is like a fisherman who starts to wind up his net in the evening.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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