Mind control.

The mind also gets controlled by repetition of sacred syllables (sacred mantras). Then the syllables, the mind, and breath become one. —–Maharishi Ramana.

Maharishi Ramana sheds light on the importance of Japa mantras. No doubt the method of self-realization has given by maharishi. But there are so many people in the world of different kinds. They take birth with different qualities. Characters, everybody has a different nature. So they want different method of stillness mind. Because we have to only still our mind, then our real nature bliss comes automatically.

One thing we have to understand that our very nature is sat-chit -anannda. We do not need to find it, it is already there. It is not a thing which we have to find!, it’s you! That is why we said, ‘self-realization’. We only have to remove our thoughts! Our thoughts are like clouds on the blue sky.

I am doing both methods as my Guru suggested me. By both methods I can enjoy the bliss (sat-chit- Ananda). By self-inquiry we have to look directly on mind without giving any ideas, because any type of thinking becomes an obstacle. Any type of thinking like our dreams, ideas, knowledge of books, traditions, religions, schools, universities becomes an obstacle in self-inquiry. Bliss comes in an empty mind.

The second method as Maharishi said, repetition of sacred mantras also does the same thing. In this method we have to focus on Japan (mantra). Of too much practice mind and the mantra becomes one and the result of it is bliss. As Indian Saints define it; mantra or sacred word passes from four stages as;

  1. Bachari ( japa by tounge ). When Japan we do with tongue and focus on the sacred word, it will take time of two, three years according to the maturity of the seeker.
  2. Maduma ( mentally japan). Here japan becomes very subtle and interesting. Because beauty comes from inside. In summer season if you come near a fountain, then cool breeze comes to you, it’s like that. Naturally, you will do more and more. After two or three years third stage starts.
  3. Pasheunti.( Observation). It’s a very higher stage, you come face to face with bliss sometimes but not permanently. In practice you feel bliss meanwhile practice. But now you know that there is something beyond human limits, it’s divine. I have experienced this stage, but holy Saints told if you devote more time you can go beyond this .
  4. Para (beyond human misery. ). This stage is called Nirvana or Liberation. Every time you remain in bliss. Now you are free, not need to come in births. You are one with absolute truth. As the stream dissolves in an ocean.
  5. NOTE; the main thing is our wants, as we say according to Vadic language , our Kamanas and vashnas. (Wants of any kind). Becomes obstacles in it. Because this process is of the stillness of mind and our wants goes further and further from us. But it does not matter when you practice these methods you demands also fulfilled, but you find that without demanding you have everything which you need, you also understand that by demanding I cannot do proper this method. Then you will find my practice is also fruit itself.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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