What is meaning of Vadanta?

According to my knowledge as I learnt from my Guru St. Nikka Singh ji . He was a Perfect real Saint . I studied meaning of Guruvani and Bhagwad Gita. As I found in my life that I wants to explain something what I can explain it. When you are reading any scripture, it is like, knowledge of theory. But after that you have to practice the instructions of a real sage. For example, you want to take driving licence. First, you should read the book for laws and regulations of traffic. Now you can not drive, but you have to pass written exam. And after that you have to learn driving on the road.

Same thing for the knowledge of Vadanta. First, you have to study the scriptures from an enlightened teacher. Then, according to his instructions you have to practical of his instructions. And as his guidance you concentrate on that way. And one day you will find that bliss which is beyond our verbally knowledge. This is divine we can taste it, we can live with it, but we cannot explain it. Only we can say it is like dawn, it is like blooming, it is like dew drops. This is the difference between Scholar and a holy saint. Scholar have way of speech, he knows the art of words, he can explain, but he is still empty handed, he has no taste of bliss or Nirvana.For this hard work on meditation or worship you have to do

It happens in the silence of mind. One day my Guru St. Nikka Singh told us that first we said to followers make a horse of papers, his meaning was we said to a follower study this book that book and try our best to give ideas by theory. But when find that the follower is perfect in this then say now it was a horse of paper now burn it with fire . It is nothing but only knowledge for exploration. The real knowledge is by witnessing the mind. To me he one day said,” leave these scriptures and look everytime to your mind, you will go straight.” by this practice one day I understand it, “.I can only say that the human mind has a great treasure in it.but it is beyond the reach of the mind.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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