Dhyana (Meditation).

Merging the mind and breath is’ (Dhyana) and it leads to the natural state when it becomes deep and firm.—–Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; It looks very hard to explain about Samadhi or Dhyana. Because our languages have no capacity to explain it! What comes in the field of our mind or intellect, we can express it, we can explain it or can give any name or form. For example, I saw a car, I can explain it this is Honda car, ford car this model, so many things I can explain of the car. But for non-objective meditation, which has no name and no figure how can I explain it. So like this our Saints give ideas as my Guru St. Nikka Singh I used to explain it, confirm it you are not body, you are not mind, but you are you are ‘ Observer’ ! . This body is a combination of two things. Observer and Observed.Or Seer and Seen, or Watcher and watched,. It had been defined in the 13th Chapter of Bhawad Gita.

Our Self or Consciousness is the Observer and our body, mind. Senses are Observed. Because I can watch my body, my mind, my pleasure and pain. Body changes, we have three changes in our body childhood, youth, old age. And some time sick, some time healthy, and likewise our mind changes moment to moment. Happy, sad,our senses also changes every time. For example, you are going, you saw a dog, then you remember yours friends dog, from dog you remember your friend’s wife. Now in mind you start to love that that lady. So we see that mind changes, body changes, our circumstances changes, but who looks to this change that observer never changes. According to Vadanta there are three stages every day as, waking, dream and deep sleep. These stages of our body changes, but not Observer! .So like this our body change in three stages, childhood, youth and old age. But not OBSERVER changes. so you are The observer, not observed.( Body, mind, etc.) Confirm it that you are deathless spirit.Which have never borne never dies.In meditation or Samadhi we forget our body ,mind, and only bliss exists there. That bliss are called sat-chit-Ananda. That is why most importance of deep meditation or Samadhi. You can understand by this experience otherwise you, never comes to understand by reading of Vadas (spiritual books).And this is very calm and blissful experience. But we can understand by God, s grace in our heart.

This is teaching of Maharishi Ramana that merging the mind and breath in the self is Dhyana.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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