Problems and solutions

The more you get fixed in the self the more thoughts will drop off themselves………Regulation of life,such as getting up at a fixed hour, bathing,doing mantra, Japa, observing ritual, all this is for a people who do not feel daw to self-inquiry or not capable of it. but those who can practice this method all rules and disciplines are unnecessary.—–Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; Self-inquiry is the last saddhana. The meaning is clear if you can find the experince of self-inquiry, then it is not doing any other Saddhanas like Nam Japa, getting on a fixed hour or bathing or ritual .but if you can not find experience of self-inquiry, then you have to do Nam Japa,getting on fixed time other Saddanas also. By that method you will become nearer to do self-inquiry.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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