From the functional point of view the ego has one and only one characteristic. the ego serves as knot between the self which is pure consciousness and physical body which is inert ( JADHA PRAKRITI). the ‘ EGO’ is therefore called the knot between consciousness and the inert body. in your investigation into the source of the ego, you have the essential consciousness aspect of the ‘ego’ . for this reason the inquiry must lead to the realisation of the pure consciousness of the self. —- Maharishi Ramana

Comments; This type of judgment has given from centuries that our ‘ ego’ is a knot between spirit and matter or pure consciousness and physical body our saints and yogis are agree on this point. our body is a mixture of two things. no doubt that our body has been formed by five elements. this is part of nature( PRAKRITI). we say it JADHA PRAKRITI. meaning part which is an instrument of consciousness. our body works with these two parts. our self is a source of energy which gives light to the body. our ignorance is that we say to the body ‘I’ and forget to ourself. now between in this two matter and spirit there is ‘ego’ which is the knot . due to this ‘ego’, we think to the body as ‘I’ which is a wrong notion. for an example first I say or think to the body as ‘I’ and then my and me. thus we attach to the world which is illusion and reason for this illusion is’ego’. now by self-inquiry when we start to focus on ‘ego’ or source of ‘I’ then we start to find glimpse of light or bliss. here Maharishi Ramana said,” for this reason, the inquiry must lead to the realization of pure consciousness of the self. by this practice, you will understand the words of Maharishi.

I am working on this from so many years because when you find something higher from human thinking than you astonish that such beauty, calmness, bliss lies in the human body. this is like dawn in the dark night. we can not explain it because our language can never explain it. Saint Kabir said,” a man who is deaf and can not speak eat sugar if you ask him about his experience he can not explain it, “.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

One reply on “Ego”

This post is words of Maharishi Ramana on ‘ ego’. because we have self or God inside our hearts but our obstacles are greed, vipassana, kamanas, our sins but these are secondary reasons mother illusion is our ‘ego’. when by self -inquiry you remove ‘ego’ rest of everything has gone. and new dawn comes in your life.


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