Problems and solutions.

So long as these thoughts of activity are there sleep will also be there.Thoughts and sleep are counterparts of the same thing.—–Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; This subject is about self-realization. We may  say the subject of Samadhi or eternal peace. Indian saints said one thing that sleep and Samadhi are real sisters. In deep sleep we have no thoughts and as a result we find peace. But in the stage of deep sleep, we does not know due to illusion or darkness. What happens in deep sleep? There is an absence of thoughts! In the absence of thoughts we touch our inner being or our soul which is Sakshi (observer). But we remain unaware of it due to darkness or illusion. I think that it is clear.

Now in Samadhi when we remove thoughts by observation. When our mind goes slow down or we empty our minds, then we find a touch of bliss which is our inner being. But this experience, we find in awakening.It is called Samadhi. This eternal peace which we can find only in silence.

So Maharishi said that as long thoughts of activity are there sleep will also be there. When there are not thoughts of activity and in the absence of thoughts we find self-realization. This is the reason when we read so many books, too much memory we can not find eternal bliss. Memory is not knowledge but real knowledge is in back of intellectual this is the reason in the last Vadas said, nati nati.       (We cannot explain it). After writing so big books of Vadas in last they wrote nati nati. So Maharishi Ramana is explaining us that if mediation on the self goes deeper and deeper than sleep will become less and less.Because what peace we needed or rest by sleep that we take by meditation.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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