Vadantic story.

This is a very important Vadantic story. Gurus used for centuries for their disciples understand meaning of Vadanta. Maharishi mostly used to say his devotees. my Guru st. Nikka Singh also told this story.

Ten fools. Once upon a time there were ten fools living in a village. And they were great friends as you know they have the same quality. One time they started a journey all together to see a fair. On the way there was a river. They put off their clothes and crossed the river. On the other side they want to count them make sure that they all had crossed the river. When one fool start to count, he left himself and a number comes nine. He starts to cry that our one friend had lost. Then another friend started to count, but he also forgets himself and his total was nine.They thought it was confirmed that one friend had drowned. They sat down and started to cry for one missing friend. After some time a horse rider came there and asked them what had happened? He fond their fault and told them that you are ten. But they were not satisfied. At last he took a stick hit them one by one and counting was ten. They became very happy and they thanked that man who found their friend.

Now like this story gurus told us that you think that ‘I am a body’ which is not true. You think I am sense organs, ears, eyes, skin, tongue, nose which you are not, you are not even objects of these sense organs like hearing, smell, touch, taste, sight. When you go inward, then you come face to face with your real picture. That picture is sat-chit- Ananda (bliss). Which have never borne never dies. Then you will be understood ‘ who am I?’ then you will understand ‘I am that, I am’.

It is like a puzzle our senses going outside and every time our mind remains busy with some gross. It is like a grinding machine mind taking one object and starts to go on and on. Like a factory when we put raw material in it goes on and when there are no raw material factory stops. Likewise, when the mind has no object or raw material it stops leaving behind self-realization.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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