Need to practice.

Effort must be made in the waking state and the self realized here and now.—– Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; I write mostly guidance from the Maharishi, because his experience of meditation comes from direct experience. He did not read any scripture, not went to any Guru but by grace of the Lord in his teenage he got enlightened. Whole his life he lived on arunachalla hill and he helped with his gracious look who came to his feet to help. I am also doing, according his instructions for meditation because my Guru told me that he was a perfect yogi. I also found so many help for me.Here Maharishi Ramana told that we can do this practice only in awakening stage. In sleeping we are helpless. We have to make full use in awakening. As I am doing, I do meditation two hours in the morning and two in evening by sitting. And that thread of bliss, I carry on with my activities. In the morning I do yoga exercises and one hour walking in the evening. Physical fitness counts a lot for meditation. Meditation is in fact mental yoga.If our body fits, then we can sit easily more time.

This means, of Maharishi Ramana that we take full advantage of our awakening stage. And realized the self, here and now. Self realization is not something we have to find, it is already there by meditation we only removes our obstacles.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

One reply on “Need to practice.”

This post has a great significance for seekers of truth.beacuse if we do practice according to a great yogi it bears fruits. Maharishi Ramana was a great teacher and yogi. I commented according to my experience on it. these teachings changed my life that is why I want to share them.


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