Need for practice

Divine grace is essential for realization. But grace is vouchsafed only to him who is a true devotee or a yogi. It is given only to those who have striven hard and ceaselessly on the path o freedom. —-Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; Maharishi Ramana said that without divine grace you can not achieve self-realization. There is no doubt everybody

Have the capacity to be self-realized. But it depends on your effort, your thirst. If anybody wants it from his bottom of heart and doing more and more practice according to his guru’s instructions. So as I think when divine grace will work for you with more love. Or by more worship more practice of meditation then you will do more practice. Otherwise, you will not come this side. That is why Maharishi said, it will be given to those who have striven hard and ceaselessly on the path of freedom. I find in my life that without grace you cannot come this side. Because self-realization is beyond our thinking. We can think only what is in our memory. What we learn from school, universities, or what we learn from our family, it is the field of our mind but the experience of bliss is beyond mind. Hindu Vedas proclaimed in the last nati nati Meaning we cannot explain it, we cannot explain it.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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