The heart

Because you seek true consciousness. Where can you find it? Can you attain it outside yourself? You have to find it internally. Therefore yo directed inward.the heart is the seat of consciousness or the consciousness itself.——- Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; As Maharishi Ramana used to explain ‘Heart’ he told that real heart which is the source of consciousness is on the right side of chest. so he told us if you want to know self or consciousness you cannot find outside! You have to look inward. Therefore, every saint or yogi teaches the followers to go inside or look inside. My practice is also ‘ observining in mind’ as my Guru St Nikka Singh guy told me. That is why Jesus said ‘eternal life’

I red in a book named ‘ a search in secret India’ written by Paul Brunton’ ,when he met a yogi near Madras in India. He lived in a hut and villagers hired a servant for yogi so that nobody can disturb him because he was in silence. The yogi gave the answer by writing. He wrote on a paper,” you have thought yourself into your present ignorance; now think yourself back into wisdom, which is the same as self-understanding. thought is like a bullock cart which carries a man into the darkness of a mountain tunnel. Turn it backward and you will be carried back to the light again. ” Then the yogi said again,” This backward -turning of thought is the highest yoga, now you understand”? this is what maharishi want to tell us. He indicated that you have to find it internally. Therefore, you are directed inward.

I am doing this practice for so many years, when I find too much experience of bliss which is beyond our thinking, then I wrote these posts to share any body that you can also do it. The human body has great significance, according ‘ Guruvani’ it is a great chance that has given to us.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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