Introduce yourself ?

I am writing about your question, I found a message an example post so I am happy to explain blogging university about asking these questions.no1; what are you about and why should they read your blog.? Thus my blog is based on Vadanta, Guruvani, and Bhagwad Gita.This knowledge I take from my Guru Nikka Singh ji. He was from a Sikh old tradition named Nirmal Panth (way). He was an enlightened saint who has knowledge of self-realization. As I heard he fought in the 1st world war and when he came India he left his house and distribute his everything to poor people and became a saint. He never touched money and anything. I studied the spiritual, holy book and want to understand what mystery of life he has. so as I found that real knowledge of mediation is a great experience which ordinary preachers can not understand. one has to work hard on it and by giving you ideas of these saints you can find eternal bliss in your heart. This is our fulfillment, destination, this human life has a great significance. How you can find blossoming in your life. That is why I want to share this if anybody is interested in it. I can give too much knowledge about it what I have learned. but problem is, it is not matter of language, we can only give ideas so that one can do practically. It is a matter of experience. It is like suppose I have visited Florida beach. I can suggest you that it is so beautiful, you can see the beauty of the ocean, cool breeze, boats etc and one day you will be ready to go there. Language can give logic, ideas, but for understanding bliss, or Samadhi one has to work on it. Because in absence of thinking you come to know the beauty of it. Suppose you are going on the car and you saw any site, like cloud, sky, fall, for a movement you forget every thing what were you thinking. and you felt a delight ,a beauty, it happened in the absence of mind or thinking. Next movement you start to think about it and you will find that beauty has gone.

So simply I explain it. If I have success with this blog, I can do lots of work by books also, thanks, I appreciate your questions, please inform me about your suggestions and I will give me reply.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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