Who am I ?

This is second question of self-inquiry. these answers had given by Maharishi Ramana in1902. He was in silence and a Revenue officer went to Virupakas cave on his official duty, so answers were given in writing.

If I am not body mind,then who am I?

Answer by Maharishi Ramana.; After negating all of the above-as mentioned as ” not this” “not this” that awarness which alone remains-THAT I AM!!!

Comment by swami Amarjit Singh; my Guru saint Nikka Singh ji gave me this Deksha (Special Instructions). To practice this method, it is a traditional method Holy Rishies used to gave. It was the year of 1982. Mine Guru died in 1983 and I forget about it. In 1986 I started this practice. After some exercise or dance I used to sit and start to observe my mind. One day while sitting I was aware my thoughts start to decrease and I came to experience a blissful state, it was calm, eternal peace, as we feel a new dawn of life which is out of the reach of language. That is why I eager to tell anybody else, but just I am failing, but I do not lose my heart and starts to explain it that in human life you have possibilites to reach anywhere which is beyond our mind.

In this second question, Maharishi Ramana explained that while practicing, you sit down, be calm, close your eyes and think ” I am not body” when mind, meaning your thoughts will start you just observe them and think “I am not” mind. by practicing some time one day you will feel this beauty of eternal being.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

One reply on “Who am I ?”

This is the second question of self-inquiry. My blog is only how to achieve eternal bliss, I will explain from my experience of holy saints, by my Guru which material can liberate you if anybody has a question I will satisfy my best. But nobody can give you anything you have to work on it.


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