The result of self-inquiry is the cure for all sorrows. It is the highest of all results. self-inquiry itself is most meritorious and purifying. —Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; If we want to understand the teaching of the Saints it is mysterious teaching, but it is a fact it is true. As I learned from my Guru st. Nikka Singh ji. I used to go in the morning from my farm to learn from his mouth. That time we were learning Bhagwad Gita from him. We were four, five followers who reached early in the morning. A Pandit, who was a shopkeeper used to read Bhagwad Gita and on important topics my Guru described it. He used to give example of thirteen chapter and used to tell us that confirms it that you are not a body. You are not minding. Because the basic thing it is that what they want to describe their followers.Our attachments are connected with the idea of that I am a body. But the body is not permanent. My car my property, my wife everything is connected with ‘ I AM BODY’ which is not real. Our body is a combination of two things. One according to Vadic language is ‘JADA’. Our body, mind, is the part of nature but our consciousness is not part of nature. First, they teach us theory as you are not body, you are not mind, you are not sensing organs but you are that!! And with the self -inquiry practice which is deep meditation you can take the experience of bliss which you are! Saints gave the example of deep sleep that deep sleep you forget body and have an experience of peace. Like wise with the practice of self-inquiry you can take the experience of Samadhi. Which is our real nature. When we come to know this blissful experience, then we will be satisfied otherwise you may be rich you may be poor, you may be very famous or have every luxuries in your life but you will never satisfy. This is a matter of practice and grace.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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