Renunciation is always in the mind. Not in going to forests or solitary places or giving up one’s duties.The main thing is to see that the mind does not turn outward. ——Maharishi Ramana.

Comments; is right people thinking that when we go outside far from home it will be better for us for doing meditation but it is wrong.

By the grace of my Guru, I got this experience of bliss in 1986. I practice it in India on my farm house, in the morning I used to do observation after some dance or yoga meaning some exercise and then one or two hours of sitting. Then I used to do it in my working as driving car, tractor, motorcycle etc. In 2008 I came with my wife in my son’s house in KY U.S. Here I worked five years at the amazon part time two days in a week. In the morning I do it one hour in sitting then I take the same thread of observation and my job is very blissful. Because every problem creates our mind and when you are observing your mind why will you upset. Some time your body tires, but mind become fresh. Some time while in airplanes I do this practice.So it is wrong, but the only difference is that you should not attach to worldly objects. Because when I used to read the books of Maharish Ramana, he indicated to his followers,” doing the practice of sitting is only for the novices. “

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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