A question to Maharishi Ramana

Devotee; is it enough to practice of  inwardness or a saddaka should be thinking,” aham brahsmi”  ( I am that)?

Maharishi Ramana; the Main thing is the practice of inwardness. buddha bihksu consider it Nirwana’  absence of ‘ego’ but we said that when the mind emerges in the self which is source it is liberation. there is no need to say,’ Aham Brhamasmi’. because for saying this there should be,’ I’  which is ‘ego’. only kill the ‘ego’ it is enough!  and we Hindu says when the mind emerges in the self( Atman).  this is liberation. we can do it by searching the source of ‘ I’ thought. if ‘I’ would not be dissolved then there will not be ,’ sunayata’ then saddaka will go to sleep.

actually, our self remains forever. the body takes birth and it dies but our ‘ self’ is limitless. our problem is that we think to body-mind as ‘I’ .  in the language of Vedanta it is due to illusion.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

One reply on “A question to Maharishi Ramana”

According to Vedanta ,we are not body, we are not mind but ‘self’. our illusion is that we consider body as ‘I’ that is root cause of illusion.when by practice our mind emerges in the self then we has the experience of bliss. that is real’ I’

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