Two types of learning Vedanta

As my guru st.Nikka Singh ji advised there is two types of learning. first of all, we have to understand the intellectual knowledge. first of all that what we want from this knowledge.  as we can see that in the world there is not anything which is permanent. our body which comes in this world is not permanent. we born and dies one day.  our body our mind also changeable, our relationship also is changeable. there is nothing in this world that remains forever. but our real self is permanent. there are so many examples that are written in Guruvani so many examples are given.

as a guest comes in the night and loves the family but the next day he left the house. it is like running on the roof which can not go is like stream of flowers, which are giving delight this time but the next day they will be a fad. it is like a young girl who will go to his husband’s house and no more in his father’s house. this world is like a lightning in the sky which is just for a moment. which is seen it is not permanent, but who sees that observer in this body is permanent. but sakshi or observer we can not see him. so to understand the knowledge of seer is real knowledge. according to Vadas vocabulary, it is called ‘ pera prakarti’ learning of ‘self’.this knowledge we can not explain by the intellect, we can take experience by searching inward.  for this devotion and meditation is needed. but which we explain that is verbally , we can explain by language, it is called ‘upara learning. first, our Gurus or saints explain ‘ upara knowledge’ by holy books, but in last books are not needed. which was thought to us that we find in our hearts that is called ‘ para prakirti’. it is a vast subject I will explain as my best.

note; if any help is needed then you can send a message.

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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