Conquer your mind and you will conquer the world.

                               Guru Nanak said,” Conquer your mind and you will conquer the world.”

so we can see the beauty of these words, we want to be happy but does not know that happiness comes when our mind does not run after worldly things. Buddha said that we are slave of our demands. needs are an other things. we does not know how our mind works. we knows kings, Emperors, they were not be able handle their mind.

                                                                                           Alexander the great he had dream to win the world, and when he reached in India there he got a fever and died there. he had ordered to his ministers that when they took me for funeral my hands should be out of the coffin  so that people can see that I am going empty handed. so he realized that what I have done killing to the innocent people, ladies, children that was my fault. so we can see these bloody wars, killings, from the beginning, what we found, you can see so many Hitler, this story of persecution ,never we found anything, but we never learn from this because this is going on and on.

                                                                                         there was a story in our eleventh of an American writer of civil war. a farmer was plowing field, his grand son and grand daughter were behind him. there comes some bones by plow  and his grand son asked what is it ? he told that in U.S there was a bloody war with one another. and grand daughter asked why they fight? but old man was not able to describe then, then grand son asked then grandpa what they find. and old man had tears in his eyes. we formed organizations but still problem is there. we heard so many times kids shouted guns in schools. so I think we are not able to learn about our minds. who they works, when anger arises in us, when hate comes, when jealously comes , because we can do if we know the art of meditation.


By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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