Difference between a saints teaching and a lecturer.

                    There is difference between a saints teaching and a lecturer. the teaching of a saint comes from by knowing from within, when the teaching of a lecturer or philosopher comes from outside by books or by the knowledge of traditions or universities meaning his knowledge not comes from his real life. he may be shedding light on  anger, on lust, on sex. but he will be same like us. because he has not comes face to face with bliss , or self realization.

                                                                                        T here is a story of Ramakrishana  Parmahansa. he was the spiritual teacher of swami Vivekananda. he was very simple man. in fact real saints or Prophets often are very simple beings. so you know when there is honey bees will go there, some people from Calcutta started to reach there. there was a very famous spiritual lecturer Kesevchandra . he was very highly educated on the subjects of Vedas. so he was not happy that some people goes there. his followers advised him you have to debate with Ramakrishana  on Vedas. he does not know about scriptures ,if you will go there than he is going to loose and people will leave to go there. he agreed and his follower went there and asked Ramakrishana for spiritual debate. he was sitting alone he was a simple man he agreed and gave the date. now Ramkrishanas followers were very upset because they knows what reason was behind this. they said to Ramakrishana it is not good for us. but he said I will see such a great Scholar by this.

                                                                       when that date came he was very happy that I will see him. so many time he go to up stairs that when will he come. at least he came ,his followers were with him. so he asked a question from Vedas Ramkrishana did not gave any answer but starts to bow the god, sometime he stand and sometime comes down he was so happy ,tears were coming from his eyes. then Keshevchandra said ,” if you do not know then you should commit your defeat and I will go.” Ramkrishana said to day I saw a miracle of God that is why I am doing like this. he said tell me what you has seen. than Ramkrishana told that I saw a man is asking me a question ,and he does not know about any thing about his question. these words came upon him like storm which touched his soul that it is fact that I do not know about this question. I am teaching the so many gatherings. I can impress the people, no doubt I am very famous, people has regard for me, but just I am empty from within, I no nothing about this and he touched his feet and became his follower. he left his lecturing and lived there rest of his life.he thought a real saint has found and I should learn from him, what Is the use of this false fame.       

By swamiamarjit

My subject is meditation, Vedanta, Guruvani, Samadhi.

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